November 8 2011

Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

1) Introductions and call to order
2) Approval of minutes of previous Exec. Comm. Conf. call meeting
3) Old Business

a) OERC activity review; content, contributions, user "hits"-Gerry Hanley
b) Ex. Comm. membership: proposed new members?
c) Review of the "discussion paper" on OERC in India—*Mark Lodge** and M. Pillai
d) Annual Reviews in Lymphoma, Myeloma and Breast Cancer-M. Pillai
e) Nursing education initiatives-Dianne Kaseman
f) INCTR activity update-Ian Magrath
g) Advisory group (to be or not to be?)-L. Lessin
h) Funding opportunities

4) New Business
5) Summary of actions and assignment of responsibilities
6) Date and time of next meeting(s)
7) Adjournment

Meeting Minutes


Larry Lessin
Anil Srivastava
Ian Magrath
Mark Lodge
Madhavan V. Pillai
Dianne Kaseman
Ian Magrath

Circulated Documents - Attached below in "FILES"

1. Discussion Document for OERC Steering Group.doc
2. Annex 1.doc
3. Annex 2 Task List for the Programme of Work described in the Discussion Document.doc


OERC Activity Review and User Hits

- Gerry provided Membership Metrics:

1. # of MERLOT members identified themselves as working as Healthcare Professionals: 813
2. # of MERLOT members identified themselves as working as Healthcare Professionals in India: 25
3. # of MERLOT members identified their discipline interest as Health Sciences: 6,568
4. # of MERLOT members identified their discipline interest as Nursing: 3,093
5. # of MERLOT members identified their discipline interest as Cancer: 44
6. # of MERLOT members in India: 1,213

Materials Metrics:

1. # of materials in Health Sciences: 2,070
2. # of materials in cancer: 363

Visits Metrics:

1. # of visits to website: 74,829 visits/month
2. # of visits to website from India: 2,363 visits/month
3. # if visits to OERC website: 72 visits /month

Executive Committee Memberships

Potential OERC Nominated members

- Larry currently has no new members to nominate.

- Mark proposed nominating a few more members in India as there will continue to be further activity around the OERC Steering Group discussion paper.

- Anil mentioned Dr. Sadiki (sp).

- Madhavan mentioned in follow up email Dr Paul Sebastian, Director of Regional Cancer Centre(RCC) Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Email correspondence will be made to Committee and mentioned here.

Discussion Paper on OERC in India

- Mark brought up that on last Committee Call we spoke about the importance to direct our efforts in a more focused manner with a specific focus on cancer education in India. He Identified 3 different groups of people 1. Academic elite in India, 2. Practitioners in India (including nurses) and 3. the much larger student and graduate group requiring access to open educational material. Each different group will have specific needs and ask for different things. The students and graduates have the least access to online materials.

- Larry said what we need is content and content sorted for the 3 groups.

- Madhavan’s suggestion to create a roadmap to achieve these goals. He will be in India December 12th to January 7th and can host a meeting of potential leadership at a regional cancer. He noted a cost advantage to get OERC work done in India.

- Anil will be in Delhi at AACR Conference. There has been dialogue between cancer centers in India and cancer researchers in India lead by Dr. Bawdui in India.

- Anil mentioned that India software industry is quite advanced; India’s software institutions don’t have commercial connections so they are interested in engaging in anything academic and scientific.

- Larry discussed we need to next create the 3 levels or curriculums and identified that we need to see how we put together content for these 3 audiences.

- Larry proposed creating an OERC India Task Force. We should Identify people India who can take the lead on the ground in India. Once potential leader ship are identified Madhavan can meet with them in India.

- Dianne raised the point of including the profession of Nursing in India. [this could represent a fourth group or be included with the “practitioners”.]

- Anil mentioned CSULB for Nursing. Post Committee call he circulated email that CSULB has an extensive partnership with India. He continues to serve as the visiting scholar with CSULB and integral part of their leadership team on cooperation with India on higher education. As part of that role he has spoken to their assistant chair and Graduate Program Director, Savitri Singh-Carlson, about her interest in working with India.

See [[html]] [[/html]]

. With MERLOT already engaged with OERC, it should be possible to speak to CSULB leadership and request for an active participation the CSULB School of Nursing and support for Gerry's engagement.

- Post Committee Call – Madhavan had a chat with Dr Paul Sebastian, Director of Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, regarding the proposed OERC India Task Force meeting. RCC must be well known to many among the OERC members Dr. Lessin and Dr. Magrath have visited this center many times. Paul is offering to host this first OERC India Task force meeting at the world famous Kovalam Beach near RCC. [check the website for Kovalam Beach Kerala attractions.]

This invitation may be strategically important for OERC as Dr Sebastian is in the committee to set up India's first NCI in New Delhi as part of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He is a distinguished Surgical Oncologist and serves on several National International academic committees. In fact, his associate Dr Ramdas was honored by OERC at Brussels last year for distinguished services.

Paul and Ramdas will serve as the host committee for this first OERC India Task Force meeting. They want me to be present. Now I need the following information.

1. Can we (OERC Executive committee) formally nominate/invite other members from India as suggested in yesterday's teleconference and get their concurrence as soon as possible?]

2. Can we arrange for them to come to Kovalam Beach either on a day during the week of 19th December or the week of 2nd January? (Pillai will be in Kerala from Dec 14-Jan 7).
The local hospitality like food and transportation will be provided by RCC including a welcome reception and a dinner with the I.T crew at the renowned Technopark, hub of Kerala's I.T industry.

We need to know the feasibility of this meeting very soon as this is the peak season for the tourists and the Kovalam Beach conference halls are in great demand.

- Mark and Madhavan will take leadership in the OERC India task force.

Nursing Education Initiatives

- Dianne has been in contact with Dr.Ann Belcher of Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Beatrice Kelly – former Dean at College of Pharmacy, Nursing at Howard University {who is doing work/research in Ethiopia and Malawi} Both expressed interest in OERC and may be helpful in getting more nursing content.

INCTR Activity Update

- Ian said INCTR is working closely with people in Ethiopia and its proving to be a bit difficult. The Program in Tanzania is going well. Children are being moved to refurbished hospitals. They have treated more than 500 patients in Africa for Burkitt Lymphoma while providing pathology assessments. There is a very good center in Hyderabad and they are doing very good with training. There are a variety of courses being offered for people, including home care and preventive care. Hydra Pradesh would like to show as model for country. One of the problems they are facing is financial. Italy, India, Sweden, Tanzania interested in setting up branches to INCTR.

- Ian said INCTR is willing to work with higher end countries for example the Middle East, where they have good centers but where they do not have well organized cancer control plans. We would like to work with them to create cancer control procedures. We should consider getting them involved in OERC. When we get bigger we are going to need people working full time and half time on it.

- Anil stated it may be a good idea to coordinate a meeting of different funding agencies. Also may look into funding from WHO.

- Mark mentioned if there was an India branch then it could be one of their special functions to support OERC work.

Annual Review in Lymphoma

- Madhavan discussed the project of annual reviews of lymphoma, leukemia, breast cancer, myeloma, and rectal cancer to be written by coauthors from the USA and India perspectives. The reviews, in power point format will highlight advances in each particular area. Every year topics will be updated. OERC will thus have updated annual reviews on a select group of topics. Will be a quick resource not only for oncologists in India, but for physicians around the world.

- Larry noted that one lecturer was willing to contribute his power point slides on genetics of GI cancer if his copyright was protected. One solution is the conversion of Power Point slides to PDF’s with a copyright symbol. Gerry noted that Creative Commons licensing protected copyright and required attribution. Ian noted that it was advantageous to keep presentations in power point format for easy use by educators.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Summary of Actions:

1. Who is being proposed to join either on Executive Committee or India Task Force? Send proposal for next call to discuss.
2. Anil to send contact info for possible funding opportunities.
3. Get Group together for OERC India Task Force Call on November 15th or November 22nd. Katie will coordinate with Committee.
4. Committee to circulate dates of when people will be in India and Madhavan will continue to explore and coordinate meeting of the Task Force with India leadership.

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