Oct. 13th, 2009

Oct, 13th, 2009 Phone Conference

Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)

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Date: 13/10/2009
Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)

Participants: Lawrence S. Lessin, Dianne Kaseman, Anil Srivastava, Stephan Thieringer, Gerry Hanley, Ian Magrath, Julie Estal


1. NEWSLETTER (Gerry, Julie)

  • Gerry will get in touch with Julie to include links to the articles on OERC on the INCTR News wiki site in the next issue of the Merlot Newsletter and to put a link to the Newsflash in the News box which already exists on the OERC.MERLOT.ORG home page.


  • Dianne will send her ideas to Larry for the letter which is to be sent to OERC Advisory Board members to invite people to become members of MERLOT and send their contributions to OERC.
  • Given the need to have more contributions from the nursing profession, such a letter could also be used by INCTR to invite the 4 Nurses from Havard who have conducted training in Africa with INCTR to take part in OERC. It could also be sent to all INCTR members.
  • There will be a new invitation to send contributions to OERC in the next issue of the INCTR Newsflash.
  • Members of the OERC Executive Committee are invited to share with INCTR the contact details of people they know and who would be interested in hearing about OERC in the INCTR Newsflash (preferably using the contacts list template sent by Julie).
  • Parvathi Chandrasekar is to send Julie the list of people who expressed an interest in OERC at the INCTR meeting in Antalya (Turkey). It will be posted on the Wiki too.


  • The Information sheet was distributed to numerous visitors interested in open education/IT at the INCTR booth at the 41st SIOP annual meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil from Oct 6-9th, 2009.
  • Elison Broza (rb.moc.lou|azorbnosile#rb.moc.lou|azorbnosile) who has recently joined the INCTR Brazil/TUCCA team in Sao Paulo would be interested in using his IT/marketing background to expand INCTR IT Assets and OERC to Portuguese/Spanish speakers. He will be put in touch with Anil by INCTR.

4. FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES (Anil, Gerry, Stefan)

  • Feed-back from Anil :

- Michael Engelgau (World Bank) would like to meet early next year when he has a clearer idea of his NCD program.
- Anil has added a Funding Sources separate wiki - Problem : Membership via application/password is not enabled for this site !
- Need to set up another meeting with Dr Royall of the National Library of Medicine. She was indisposed at the time of the previously arranged meeting. According to Anil the National Library of Medicine would be more appropriate that caBIG or the Lance Armstrong Foundation when looking for funding.
- Anil will discuss thoughts about funding through HED/USAID and stimulus funding from the US Department of Education

  • Google foundation :

- See the Google page on this wiki. where Anil/Stefan will put further thoughts on a potential strategy.
- Gerry has re-introduced Anil to Beth Ambos, CSU Assistant and Vice Chancellor for Research ofthe University of California, and Anil will try to contact her and report to the group the outcome of any discussions.
- Anil believes we need to coordinate a strategy with CSU/MERLOT on funding.
- We need to look for the right moment to apply to Google as now may not be the best time. Anil and Stefan think that we need to aim for a major funding from Google and for that we need to think through the question "what's in it for Google?". Their current business model based on advertisements might not be fit with open education values. We might enable Google to save business fees, as open education helps sustain relationships with target communities. Besides, OERC could be seen by them as a valuable strategy to increase visibility and market placement.

  • Professional organizations (such as ESMO, ASCO, etc…) : Gerry stressed the need to bear in mind their specific business models i.e providing services for fees/protecting their intellectual property and increasing their membership. Therefore if we want to approach them we should think about how OERC could help them improve their services/ materials and attract new members, and how to convince them that they need to contribute to open education as a public good. Finally, we still need to look for funding for content developement as some organizations may ask for support to help them organize their educational material.

4. CONTENTS/LINKAGES (Anil, Ian, Gerry)

  • The question of how to spot available materials, extract information and review it was raised. Anil will write down his ideas about this, based on the procedure used by Merlot (it would be possible to integrate our procedure with the Merlot triage process). We will certainly need to recruit more individual volunteers and a larger community of advisors to help us do that, in addition to the possibility of using some INCTR staff members such as Cedric to assist with uploading material available on other websites or sent by email.
  • Gerry ( ?) will have a look at it in order to create a visual of what we could do with this information. We could then develop proposals and approach relevant site owners.
  • Anil will send the link to a Google application which enables users to annotate pages and share comments with other users.
  • Ian mentioned Google Books which could contain materials of general interest to users.

Next Meeting : Tuesday, October, 2Oth, 2009
Time: 11 noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1

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