October 11, 2008 Weekly Meeting Summary

We need your feedback on a few questions:

1. What do you want the consistent label be: OERC or OER-C or OER-Cancer?
The consistent label will be OERC

2. What type of images do you want in the banner and the welcome. We just put some stock pictures as placeholders (doctor-patient). Please describe what you want in these images. Images with people in would be good.

We will send you a collage of images in just a few days that we will be developing in house.

3. We're going to need to add content to the About Us, iBharti Foundation, INCTR Sections. Please provide me "1 page" of content in a Word document that should contain links to other websites.

I will send this information to you by the end of Friday CoB - for both INCTR and IBharti

4. Provide feedback, edits, etc to anything else on the draft design.

Partner news - INCTR description is not right. Please check out www.inctr.org for an accurate description.

5. We finalised the OERC Logo

6. We agreed to meet face to face at JHU Campus (Shady Grove) with a video feed to Brussels so Ian can join us on through Video

7. Only OERC Learning Objects and Partner Instituions will go onto the OERC Merlot site. All else will be included in the OERC portal

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