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Anil Srivastava: Notes from OER in Health Conference Call on 29th October 2008

I participated in the OER in Health conference call on October 29th. See John Dahlin's notes including list of attendees.

John Dahlin asked Vic Vuchic of William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to talk briefly about OER in Health from foundation's perspective. Vic said:

  • It was incredibly positive meeting in DC
  • Hewlett strategy is to lead an OER movement with the kind of energy that was evident in the
  • Lay the groundwork for research and analysis for OER in Health
  • Looking to this Steering Group to guide Hewlett Foundation from conference to strong demonstration

Below are notes which I have to edit:

John Dehlin then re-stated the agenda for the confe

• The OER in Health landscape paper
• OER in Health community development
• Potential opportunities for collaboration
• Viable partners/options for funding our initiatives
• Our next meeting?
• (Your item(s) here)

first project is OER in Health landscape paper for Hewlett, authored through Wiki, 20-30 pages, broad and deep, why will it added value, multiple region perspective, IOM has publisher (David and Tedhttp://www.ocwconsortium.org/health/) has initial
draft, to provide input.

Mary supported Wiki.

Preferred Google docs

Anil on the sub-committee


three sections
I. rationale/II. challenges/III. sample OER solutions

people can fill in III. sample OER solutions then we can fill in.

Some of them are not challenges but also issues that come up, issues that are unsettled or needs further development.

Whitepaper and a separate landscape map (came from Cathy), analyze the space,

Outline level for period of time
and then writing assignment

gmail address to john

cookbook (how to create OER) and landscape as two tasks.

[rachel virtual patient international standard and working group/point to caBIG]

Anil and Mary on landscape (clickable map with David) IME.org

Association of Medical Education in Europe, Spain, Europe, September 2009
target a workshop (Ron is executive director)

Mastritch in Jordan

AAMC next year in DC

INCTR meeting?

Rice in February 2009 in Houston. BoF OER in Health.

Monterry, Mexico, meeting in April 20th.

WebConference or web conference

Hewlett identifying

DAVID in New York/Joel on funding

next phone call in a month

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