Dr. Madhavan has put in a lot of effort in rallying RCC and CDAC Trivandrum behind OERC in India. We need to support his effort. However, I will proffer the following thoughts:

  1. There is a felt and articulated need for quality education content and a high level endorsement of the idea of open content in India.
  2. India is learning to pay for projects of value.
  3. The "catch 22 situation" that Madhavan refers to is real: "To raise funding in India you need high visibility and scientific credibility and to reach that status you need funds for operational expenditure" but is a non-starter unless INCTR has funds to spare!
  4. Most of my work with Indian partners including the workshop on cancer disparities on January 2nd or clinical trial workshop at TMC Mumbai on concept development four clinical trials was based on partner-institutions taking the lead and investing the time and money with international participation of people bringing their knowledge and experience.
  5. I have spoken to most of the key thought leaders in cancer community and have their support. Indians are trying to do things professionally and pull themselves away from the practice of hurriedly put together meetings which were the norm in the past.
  6. On January 2nd, I met Dr. Ramadas in Kolkata and introduced him to Dr. Hemant Darbari, Executive Director, CDAC based in Pune whom is the lead on caBIG center for excellence. Earlier in Pune, I had mentioned to Rajat Moona, Director General, CDAC and solicited his support as well as the support of head of there education operation, Dr. Aditya Sinha.
  7. I strongly recommend that we forego the opportunity presented by American Association of Physicians from India (AAPI) conference in January and try to work on a well organized meeting coinciding with CSULB delegation to India when we can get Gerry Hanley, Savitri Singh-Carslon and Tim Keirn from CSULB; Stephan Theiringer (AcrossWorld); and Larry Lessin and Ian Magrath. We all know that Sam Pitroda has been supporting of open content in India from the beginning and, as Madhavan desired, we can engage him but for that we need a well organized program.
  8. As I don't represent money, I am loathe to get involved in any activity which cannot be bootstrapped with 'sweat' from OERC side and build funding on that base. I am quite willing to work with Drs. Sebastian and Ramdass—along with Madhavan—to find some internal funds in India for the initial OERC India meeting. OERC represent very dedicated knowledge and diverse experience from oncology, nursing, technology, pedagogy and more.


  • Move the launch workshop to March or later in the year. Not in a hurry.
  • Have a series of planning/preparatory conference calls of expanded OERC India Steering Group. Let's do audio calls. I will work with Katie to set up local access numbers in India.
  • Announce and promote the event well in advance to get a country wide participation.
  • It should be possible to find funding for the OERC India launch meeting and for the project itself from both public and private sector in India. CFI workshop on January 2nd, in which Dr. Ramdas was a participant, is an example.

Anil Srivastava

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