OERC Launch at INCTR in Turkey

At the 8TH INCTR Meeting on Cancer in Countries with Limited Resources in Antalya, Turkey in March, 2009, in a session focused on oncology education in the developing world, Dr. Lawrence Lessin presented a plenary lecture on OERC. The meeting was attended by over 200 representatives from 40 countries.The presentation included the rationale and history of OERC and described the mission statement of OERC as well as the objectives and functions of the OERC site, OERC.Merlot.org. Major emphasis was placed on the provision of high quality educational materials contributed by major cancer centers and universities across the world to oncology educators in developing countries. Screen shots from the website were used to illustrate the functionality of OERC.Merlot.org. Information was provided on how to join the site, contribute and use educational material and utilize the Merlot Voices chat-room for requests for educational material assistance in lecture or course planning and informal consultations. All participants were invited to become “OERC Partners” and 34 inviduals from 14 countries completed partnership application forms many of which stated the educational needs and format preferences of their individual centers and countries. Linkages were discussed with other cancer educational projects such as ONIX in the UK, CaBIG in the USA, Radiation Oncology training for African countries through IAEA in Austria and its global PACT programme for cancer control.

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