OERC Ancilliary Meeting Participants

iBharti Health Foundation (www.ibhartihealth.org) together with Hewlett Foundation (www.hewlett.org) and International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (www.inctr.org) organized a ancillary meeting at 44th American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting on 29th May 2008.

Those participated included:

Gracemarie Bricalli ESMO gro.omse|eiramecarg.illacirb#gro.omse|eiramecarg.illacirb
Norman Coleman NCI/DCTD vog.hin.liam|namelocc#vog.hin.liam|namelocc
Leslie Derr NCI/CBIIT vog.hin.liam|lrred#vog.hin.liam|lrred
Joe Harford NCI/OIA vog.hin|jdrofrah#vog.hin|jdrofrah
Svetlana Jezdic ESMA gro.omse|analtevs.cidzej#gro.omse|analtevs.cidzej
Larry Lessin WCI/WHC ten.tsacmoc|nisselyrral#ten.tsacmoc|nisselyrral
Ian Magrath INCTR eb.rtcni|htargami#eb.rtcni|htargami
Anil Srivastava iBHF gro.htlaehitrahbi|avatsavirsa#gro.htlaehitrahbi|avatsavirsa
Stephan Thieringer Giunti Labs moc.sbalitnuig|regnireiht.s#moc.sbalitnuig|regnireiht.s
Victor Vuchic Hewlett gro.ttelweh|cihcuvv#gro.ttelweh|cihcuvv

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