OERC Websites

We now have two domain names registered for OERC.

1. http://www.oerc-international.org
2. http://cancer-open-education.net

Rita Lewis and Kusuma Cunningham did initial work on the oerc-international.org website. It was decided to halt the work and focus on the OERC portal with Merlot.

Gerry Henley of Merlot is creating a OERC portal. In accordance with the Chicago discussion we will make it a website for
proof-of-concept to inventory cancer education institutions and other sources of open education material along with an initial repository of learning objects. The URL http://cancer-open-education.net will point to the OERC portal on MERLOT.

1. http://www.oerc-international.org domain name was registered by Rita Lewis, then working with CTIS, and she had created a website. Andrea and Anuja need to contact Rita for transfer of domain name (oerc-international.org) to INCTR or iBharti Foundation.

Rita Lewis
10606 Maplecrest Lane
Potomac MD 20854

+1-301-646-6665 mobile
+1-301-738-2286 home


Rita is a cancer survivor and interested in helping out. Anuja knows her and together with Dianne and Andrea could manage Rita to create the "corporate OERC" site.

2. http://cancer-open-education.net is registered by Anil Srivastava. This could for the moment point to the OERC@MERLOT repository. I will discuss with Gerry Hanley tomorrow (Wednesday, 12/10). Also the name can be transferred to INCTR or iBharti Foundation to hold in trust for OERC.

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