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October 29, 2008

Outline for OER in Health Whitepaper

(Initial drafting by David Stern and Ted Hanss)

Intended audience: To be filled in here

OER Background
History of OER
Why OER?
Rationales for developing and distributing OER
Humanitarian/professional responsibility (Hippocratic commitment to teach)
Global health workforce crisis
Efficient means of educational content delivery
Development of institutional reputation
Faculty perspective: demonstration of expertise and uses for promotion
Learner perspectives (pre-health, professional school, residency, CME)
Challenges to OER development and implementation
Intellectual property issues
Information technology issues
Interoperability standards
Faculty incentives (credit for promotion), tradeoffs of seeing patients (and generating revenue) versus investing in teaching/learning.
Scaling Health OER production and distribution
Issues in OER development and implementation
Can Health-OER be used in the context of open participatory learning? How could students engage across environments, cultures, contexts?
Challenges to prospective co-creation (by individuals and institutions) across distances and cultures.
Identifying what materials are needed in what format? How do you prioritize across healthcare provider domains and level of trainee? What formats are most important (web, CD, mobile phone, print?).
Evidence for OER - metrics for success adn evidence for efficacy
Sample OER solutions (both content and processes)

Potential Additional Projects
"How to Do OER in Health" Cookbook
Tufts paper in Medical Teacher. Might make paper open.
See article: Lee, Mary Y., Albright, Susan, O'Leary, Lisa, Terkla, Dawn Geronimo and Wilson, Nancy (2008) 'Expanding the reach of health sciences education and empowering others: the OpenCourseWare initiative at Tufts University', Medical Teacher, 30:2, 159 — 163. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01421590701881665
See article: Ellaway, Rachel, Poulton, Terry, Fors, Uno, McGee, James B. and Albright, Susan (2008) 'Building a virtual patient commons',Medical Teacher,30:2,170 — 174: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01421590701874074
Landscape Map (Who is doing what. Framework for space.)
Probably should be a separate document.
Mary, Anil volunteering

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