Planning Session - 28 June 2008

Taken from a conference call regarding planning the OERC that occurred on Saturday, June 29, 2008
Prepared by Kusuma Cunningham


1. Larry discussed the technical aspects of setting up OERC -
2. Anil mentioned that Dr. Sukon and Mr. Ira from Hopkins will come in as technical consultants to help us with OERC and also Dr. Kumar from MIT would be a consultant to help us with the technical aspects of OERC
3. Anil mentioned other people coming on board to help us out are Diane and Rita Lewis.
4. Kusuma shared a preliminary outline of the logic model – Kusuma has quite a bit of learning to do in order to develop the model – Anil, Rita and Diane will bring her up to speed – also she will have to consult with Ira, Sukon and Kumar to figure out all the data elements that go into developing the logic model as well as the measurement indicators in order to complete the work on the proposal.
5. Ian will be helping us set up the in country relationships with medical institutions – we are looking at engaging about 50 countries in this effort.
6. The meeting in Geneva is being held in August - Ian most probably will be attending it and we are hoping to catch the proceedings on the web.
7. Dr. Lessin will be on vacation until July 18th
8. Diane will be out of town between July 18th and July 26th
9. Anil has created a Wiki space (http:// for our dscussions
10. Anil and Dr. Lessin followed up later
11. Kusuma and Diane connected later and have tentatively agreed to meet at Diane’s place to work together for one entire day.
12. Our next meeting will be held on ___

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