Due to perceived or possible conflict of interest we have developed these guidelines to help us abide by these agreed upon rules when accepting funding opportunities from sponsoring pharmaceutical companies and other medical product industry related corporations and organizations:

OERC is an education resource organization for cancer - as such it is it is an area repository of various research studies, clinical trials information, video and curriculum that may be available online. Those utilizing our resources need not be members to access our resources or pay for any of the materials that is available through our repository – as such it is made available free of cost to people who can use such information on a global scale. In order to provide it free access to those who would benefit from the information we would also be dependent on sponsorship.

1. General Policies:

a. OERC will be transparent in the acknowledgement of financial support by sponsoring companies. It is agreed that sponsoring companies will not use our repository to sell their products. No specific product names will be referenced.

b. The content of OERC educational materials and research results will not be influenced by our sponsoring pharmaceutical companies. Our educational materials are based on peer review of materials by knowledgeable researchers and scientists and medical professional or based on materials developed by reputable institutions in cancer care and treatment.

c. OERC will not be platform for advertisement of drugs and delivery systems and other medical products. Our goal is to make it purely education resource for capacity development for cancer care and treatment.

d. The advisory board and committee members and staff of OERC may belong to pharmaceutical and medical corporations but they are not allowed to pursue policies that are seen to go against the stated policy of OERC against the promotion of any single company’s products and services.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

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