Possible Solutions

These are possible technology solutions researched by Anil:
NOTE: Taken from group emails, 29 June 2008

Dear Kusuma,

Please review the attached caBIG Strategic Plan and specially page 19
about the reference to "Develop an open source electronic (OSE)
learning environment".

For OERC we are planning to seek supplementary funding from caBIG for
the learning management system. JHU OCW, as you will remember, a COTS
commercial LMS because it was there and available.

Also look at MERLOT (http://taste.merlot.org/). I am thinking of
seeking their help to built a proof-of-concept portal. I will be
meeting their director, Gerry Hanley, in Long Beach to seek his help
in building the proof-of-concept sandbox. MERLOT emerged out of my
work at Apple's Advanced Technology Group under a NSF funded
Educational Object Economy (EOE) project.

Please ask Dianne to send you some of the OERC material she has put
together. I will get you access to our SharePoint portal where we had
put some material originally for OERC. We need to move the material
selectively to the Wiki once Rita and you have re-organized the

Warm regards, Anil

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