Raj Shah

Capital Technology Information Services (CTIS) Inc.

Founder of i-Bharti Health (a non-profit organization)

Mr. Shah is a businessman committed to making a difference in the healthcare industry with a specific focus on clinical research for underserved and minority population. In his commitment to use health IT and health education, to transform health disparity to health equality. Mr. Shah has leveraged business, non-profit and philanthropy segments in improving productivity, efficiency and quality in the healthcare industry. Mr. Shah has built a proven model that harnesses the power of each of these segments with proper use of the technologies, especially the information technology. Mr. Shah believes that by building scalable information applications and systems; and by reusing, realigning, and retrofitting technologies, methods, knowledge and training; one can transfer the capacity from the developed healthcare area to the underdeveloped healthcare segments (health disparity) of healthcare to meet the needs of local, national, and global communities at a much lower cost.

Over the past 35 years, as a businessman, Mr. Shah has worked extensively in the areas of health, energy, environment, financial engineering, management consulting, technology development, and infrastructure development projects. Mr. Shah has directed over $1 billion in business through his management role with two Fortune 100 companies and his current company, CTIS, Inc. CTIS builds information applications and systems for the full spectrum of disease management ranging from awareness, prevention, epidemiology, clinical research, clinical trials, disease treatment and post treatment support. CTIS’s work also improves the speed of the workflows that move biomedical discoveries rapidly from clinical testing into clinical practice. The informatics applications provide an optimization and harmonization in meeting regulatory/standards compliance, information integrity/quality and highest patient safety. Currently, CTIS provides services to National Institutes of health (NIH) organizations in the areas of cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart and diabetes with over $300 million in contracts performed. CTIS’s systems have received several major awards including the NIH Directors Award, CIO magazine, Computerworld and the British Medical Journal for its best practices.

Over the last 10 years, as a non-profit institute supporter, Mr. Shah has been committed to corporate citizenship in the local community supporting the minority and underserved populations’ healthcare need. Through the i-Bharti Health organization and also CTIS, Inc. a strategy and plan was developed to apply the power of information technology. While many companies in the world can apply the power of technology to solve complex problems, Mr. Shah wanted to make a difference applying the same power of high technology to solve simple problems of human health for the minority and underserved in the U.S. and worldwide developing countries.

Mr. Shah has been a member of governing boards, leadership boards, trusteeships, board of directors and advisor for many institutes. Notable among them are International Network of Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR); the International Cooperative Group (ICOG); International Spirit of Life Foundation (ISOLF); the Global institute of clinical training at the Johns Hopkins University; INOVA Hospital Systems, the University of Maryland/CHIDS, the American Cancer Society; the Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Center; Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Institute; Medstar Research Institute; Washington Cancer Institute; Community Ministries of Rockville; Mobile Medical Care, Inc.; The Fairfax Arts Council International Children’s Festival at Wolf Trap ; Life with Cancer; Friends of Cancer; Prostate Net; OERC steering committee member; Washington Civic Symphony; Center for Communication Health and Environment; and Montessori Children’s House of Loudon. Over the last 10 years, in the philanthropic front, Mr. Shah, CTIS and i-Bharti Health have donated over $10 million in financial, matching and in-kind support including technology and staff support to disease management causes. Mr. Shah has received numerous awards for these efforts.

Mr. Shah holds a BS in chemistry and physics from the University of Bombay, a MS in Chemistry from the University of Detroit, and has attended the MBA program at Harvard Business School. Mr. Shah has participated in over 100 lectures and speaking engagements in disease management areas and the use of information technology.

Mr. Shah lives in Virginia with his wife Bharti Shah and has three daughters.

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