Sept.. 15, 2009

Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

TIME: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)


Participants: Lawrence S. Lessin, Dianne Kaseman, Anil Srivastava, Stephan Thieringer, Gerry Hanley, Ian Magrath, Julie Estal

1. Email/Communication (Larry, Anil)

• Email: gro.lanoitanretni-creo|ofni#gro.lanoitanretni-creo|ofni
• Larry will fax a list of 34 persons who expressed an interest in OERC at the Antalya meeting to Anil, who should send it out to the participants to OERC conference calls. These persons should be added to the list of recipients of the INCTR/OERC Newsflash, in case they are not already registered as INCTR associate members.

2. Newsletter (Larry, Dianne, Anil, Julie, Cedric)

• The last version of the draft newsletter was felt by some to be more like an introductory pamphlet than a newsletter. It was decided to erase bio data as well as out-dated information, and to rather use a newspaper type of language to make titles and articles more appealing.
• Larry has edited the draft Newsletter on the wiki and substantially reduced the amount of text at:
• The text which has been cut out &/or longer stories to the articles featuring in the OERC Newsletter should be posted on the INCTR news wiki, until such time a decision is made as to which website to put it on
• In order to clearly know which information should appear in the OERC Newsflash and on the INCTR News wiki, Julie will send to the participants of this conference call an adaptation of the template she uses to collect articles/stories from INCTR Branches/Offices and various partners. It would certainly make things easier for everyone if either Dianne or Larry could fill it in with all the information they would like to include in the Newsletter and the INCTR wiki site, and send it back to Cedric and Julie. Both of them will then edit such information on the INCTR wiki news and the OERC Newsletter in its final format. The latter will then be submitted to the participants to OERC conference calls for their final review, if possible before next Tuesday.
• Ideally, each member of the OERC Advisory Committee listed in the last article of the Newsletter, as edited per Larry, should have his/her name appear as a link, so that when anyone clicks on a name, he/she will be redirected to the INCTR News wiki site for more complete biographical information. This information will eventually be located elsewhere on an OERC public website. To this end, Dianne will try to recover all relevant information (including pictures) she already sent to Andrea, and send it out to Executive Committee members to decide what should be done with it.
• Members of the Executive Committee should draft a list of people who would be interested in receiving the OERC Newsflash and send it to Julie. ( including, their Name, Email, Title/Position and email address)

3. Funding opportunities (Anil, Ian)

• Anil is trying to set meetings up with some contacts from the World Bank, Hewlett Foundation, etc… He also plans to meet with Dr Rayal of the National Library of Medicine and relevant soon.
• Ian attended a joint CaBIG-ONIX meeting last week in London (see for further information)
• Anil will up-load a compilation of funding opportunities the OERC wiki site
• Anil will send out a list of the grants offered by the Google foundation. Stefan will obtain additional contact information to ask relevant persons at to support OERC activities.
• Writing grant requests: Need to up-date previous draft proposals. Maybe best not to generate a generic proposal to be used for any funding sources, but to draft different requests for supporting different activities.

4. OERC Advisory Committee (Larry, Anil, Dianne)

• Larry mentioned the list of the proposed new members of the steering committee that all had agreed should be invited. He will send letters of invitation

There will be a short conference call on:
Tuesday, September, 22nd, 2009
Time: 11 noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1
For a brief update on the OERC Newsletter

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