Sept, 22, 2009

Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

Date: 22/09/2009
Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)


Participants: Anil Srivastava, Stephan Thieringer, Gerry Hanley, Julie Estal

1. NEWSLETTER (Gerry, Julie)

  • The draft September issue of the INCTR Newsflash, including 2 lead articles about OERC, has been sent to OERC telephone conference participants for their review. It's also accessible at:
  • When readers click on "Read more", they are redirected to the INCTR news wiki site, where they can find longer versions of each news item, including the OERC mission statement and the list of members of its Advisory Board.
  • The Newsflash will be sent out this week to about 1250 subscribers (basically INCTR associate/corporate/institutional members plus a few cancer organizations and embassies). Gerry should ask to include links to the articles on OERC on the INCTR News wiki site in the next issue of the Merlot Newsletter.
  • Julie will send Gerry the codes one can use to create a sign up box to receive/subscribe to the INCTR Newsflash that would be used in the News box which is already existing on the OERC.MERLOT.ORG home page.
  • Julie will send the template she uses to collect articles, pictures, audio and video features for the INCTR Newsflash to all participants to this telephone call. Please feel free to complete and send it back to her whenever you want to share OERC News through the INCTR Newsflash.

2. SUBSCRIBERS (Julie, Anil, all)

  • Julie will send a template OERC Executive Committee members are invited to use to send the contact details of additional people whom they think would be interested in hearing about OERC in the INCTR Newsflash. These people will then be added to the existing list of subscribers. This is the best way to ensure we make an efficient use of new subscribers.
  • You might also like to click on the "send to a friend" button above the Newsflash to send it to your contacts on an ad hoc basis and invite them to subscribe (free of charge), but then they might not all do it and we won't have statistics for them.
  • Anil should send us the list of people who expressed an interest in OERC at the INCTR meeting in Antalya (Turkey). The INCTR team will then check if they are not already in our database.


  • Participants to this conference call were also satisfied with the information sheet which was sent out to them by Julie, in order to inform participants to the SIOP Meeting about OERC. This meeting will take place in Sao Paulo in early October. Anil will send additional information which could be used for similar purposes.

The next meeting will be on:
Tuesday, October, 13th, 2009
Time: 11 noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1
Until further notice

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