Sept. 21st 2010


Date: 21/09/2010
Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Gerry Hanley, Larry Lessin, Ian Magrath, Julie Estal

1. Subscribers/contributors

- Larry didn’t receive any feedback on the letter signed by him with INCTR stationary he sent to his contacts, nor to the requests made to medical school directors to contribute coursework to OERC Portal. Hopefully Pierre Bey will have received a few answers to the letters sent to his contacts, inviting them to contribute materials in French to the OERC website.

- Gerry will prepare a draft article on the knowledge vs. prescription system debate before the end of October. This draft article will be emailed to the rest of the team for their comments before being sent to relevant journals editors mentioned in recent OERC Executive Committee conference calls. It will also be included in the article on OERC to be published in the next issue of NETWORK, INCTR Magazine.

- Gerry said that the recently employed intern has explored over 70 websites and made a summary of relevant contents to be added to the OERC repository. OERC Executive members are invited to keep on posting the URL’s of websites that are candidates for cataloging in MERLOT and in the OERC Collection in the discussion forum in the OERC “Voices” website (Link:
To add a URL or leave comments on Merlot, one needs to register/sign up as a member of MERLOT Voices (NOTE- administrative approval of membership is not immediate) and then join the OERC Voices Community Conversation (

- Larry is to send Julie the contact details of Dr. Madhavan Pillai from Jefferson Medical College in order to invite him to join the OERC wiki site and Executive Committee conference calls.

- Gerry suggested identifying specific cancers / aspects of cancer control for which easy educational tools are available/could be developed at a low cost whilst being highly relevant in terms of cancer detection and treatment in developing countries. Once identified, it could be possible to provide on-line courses on these areas on a quarterly basis in a section of the OERC website targeting healthcare providers. This could provide concrete examples of what OERC could achieve to donors/users. Ian explained that the WHO has developed a cervical cancer practice guide (link: which describes simple techniques for cervical cancer early detection. He also mentioned oral cancers, Burkitt Lymphoma and tobacco control.

- Ian described the Global Task Force on Expanded Access to Cancer Care and Control in Developing Countries (link: created by Harvard members and mentioned two recent articles published by them in the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine (available in the files section below). Ian wrote a letter to the editor of the Lancet we still don’t know if it will be published. INCTR is in touch with this group, whose members are interested in developing new partnerships. Ian suggested writing them a letter on OERC.

2. OERC Advisory Committee

- Larry said that unfortunately we may have lost track of some OERC Advisory Committee members. He suggested converting the Advisory Committee into an Editorial Board with more specific tasks such as assisting with peer review and locating new contributors.

-Ian said that this might be a good idea and suggested writing them a letter to keep them informed about the progress made over the last months thanks to Gerry and Stephan, together with a list of suggested tasks (e.g. send them materials in their respective areas of specialty for their review).

3. Funding opportunities

- Stephan and Gerry hope to be able to share more information on grant opportunities with Fogarty and the Rockefeller Foundation in about 10 days.

- Julie drafted a wiki page on the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), available on the OERC wiki at It appears that the Clinton Foundation generally does not make grants to outside organizations; rather, it directs its financial resources to the implementation of our own initiatives and programs on the ground.


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