September 1, 2009

Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

TIME: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)


- Emails/Communication

- Newsletter

- Funding opportunities

- INCTR Steering/Advisory Committee

- Feedback on Changes to the OERC website


Date: 1/09/2009
Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Lawrence S. Lessin, Dianne Kaseman, Anil Srivastava, Stephan Thieringer, Gerry Hanley, Ian Magrath, Julie Estal

1. Emails/Communication (Gerry, Larry, Anil)

• Use "OERC-INCTR@Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus, 9601 Medical
Center Drive #302, Rockville, Maryland 20850,
USA/ voice/+1-301-294-7010 fax" for
address on newsflash and wiki site. Gerry is to replace
this as address on the
• Larry will fax the list of persons who expressed an interest in OERC at the Antalya meeting to Anil, who should send it out. These persons should be added to the list of recipients of the INCTR/OERC Newsflash, in case there are not already registered as INCTR associate members.

2. Newsletter (Dianne, Julie, Cedric)

• Dianne has made up-dates to the draft OERC Newsletter. Additional contributions to the OERC Newsletter should be sent to her before Thursday, September, 4th, 2009. She will then send the final draft to Julie in order to put it on the OERC Wiki site, based on the format of the older versions.

• For this first issue, we will try to publish a special issue of the INCTR Newsflash about OERC. This raises several issues:

  • It could either replace a regular edition of the INCTR Newsflash, or be sent separately.
  • Cedric Petit-Musin could edit the INCTR/OERC Newsflash and send it to subscribers
  • We could keep the same account with INCTR current List serve. This special issue could be sent to the same list of subscribers to the INCTR Newsflash, in addition to a list of subscribers especially interested in OERC (to be provided by Executive Committee members).
  • Sending the OERC Newsflash will entail additional costs. Hopefully Anil will find financial resources for that in the coming months.
  • Would there be a desire to have a similar system to INCTR – i.e.., publish longer versions of individual news items on a website – if so, should this could be connected with the present OERC/Merlot site or with an existing or new wiki.

Final decisions will be made at the next meeting by which time the Newsletter should be finished.

3. Funding opportunities (Anil, Ian)

• Anil’s meeting with Dr Rayal of the National Library of Medicine has been postponed. He should meet with Joe Harford soon
• Ian will meet with CaBIG representatives next week in London
• Anil is developing a funding strategy. He’s keeping a list of funding opportunities on a separate wiki site and will up-date it with the new contacts he found/communicated by Julie. He will make it available to us either by transferring it on the OERC wiki site or by email.
• Anil will send out a list of the grants offered by the Google foundation. Stefan will obtain additional contact information to ask relevant persons at to support OERC activities.
• Writing grant requests: Need to up-date previous draft proposals. Maybe best not to generate a generic proposal to be used for any funding sources, but to draft different requests for supporting different activities.

4. OERC Advisory Committee (Larry, Anil, Dianne)

• Larry mentioned the list of the proposed new members of the steering committee that all had agreed should be invited. He will send letters of invitation
• Given Anil’s new affiliation, he no longer represents CTIS but INCTR. This will be changed in the OERC – Merlot site.
• Andrea will be replaced by Julie as OERC Executive coordinator

5. Recent changes to OERC wiki site (Stefan, Gerry)

• General approval of the recent changes made by Stefan and collected by Gerry
• Need to remove the slogan below the INCTR logo whenever INCTR is mentioned

The next conference call should take place on:
Tuesday, September, 15th, 2009
Time: 11 noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1

Please don’t forget to post your ideas for the agenda of this meeting on the OERC wiki site at:

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