OERC Advisory Committee

OERC Advisory Committee, updated 12/21/09

Gracemarie Bricalli ESMO

Dianne Kaseman, RN, PHD

Norman Coleman NCI/DCTD

Esther Chang, Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University

Kevin Cullen, Greenebaum Cancer Center at University of Maryland

Leslie Derr NCI/CBIIT

Joe Harford NCI/OIA

Svetlana Jezdic ESMA

Lawrence S. Lessin WCI

Ian Magrath INCTR

Brenda Nevidjon Duke Univ., ONS

Aziza Shad, Lombardi CCC

Raj Shah, CTIS,

Anil Srivastava

Stephan Thieringer

Victor Vuchic , Hewlett

Gerard L. Hanley, Ph.D. MERLOT

Elmer Huerta, WCI

Suggested additions:
Modhaven Pillai (Kimmel Cancer Center, Jefferson Univ.)
Robert Burton (Monash University, Australia)
Paul Kleihues (WHO, Switzerland)
Jonathan Maybach (Univ. of Michigan)
Tom Fahey (MSKCC)

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