Victor Vuchic Hewlett

Victor's focus in the Education Program is on technology-based grants in the area of Open Educational Resources. For eight years before joining the Foundation, he worked as an e-business management consultant for both start-ups and large-scale companies in Silicon Valley. His work has been in domains such as wireless, online retail, music and rich media, high tech, and content management. Vic's skills are focused on user-centric business analysis, that is, helping companies refocus their strategies and operations around end users' needs.

He holds a B.S.E. in systems science engineering focused on telecommunications from the University of Pennsylvania, and most recently completed his Ed.M. in the Learning, Design & Technology Program at Stanford University. Vic also received a scholarship and attended the Berklee College of Music during his undergraduate years. When not working, Vic enjoys cooking, brewing, playing music, sports, mountain guiding, winter survival camping, and international travel.

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